Jam session by James & Andy

Gift to the Gods

This is a monster! It starts off a bit heavy … then goes a bit shit … then peaks at some crazy level of euphoria. I lay down the acoustica and Donnelly pulls out a solo (from God knows where).

This one was recorded in my student house. My room has fully wooden walls … which for some reason produce great acoustics. We just use a mic and Creative Recorder.

Bisch Basch Bosch.

Gift to the Gods is one of my favourite jam sessions that me and Andy have produced. We called it gift to the gods in trubute to a previous song we recorded which was absolutely insane. Unfortunately, the mic had not been plugged in. That song was lost in the wind.

Bombs won’t heal

This one is a hippy song …

Gift to the Gods:

We make party:

White heat easter: